Our team has  a proven track record in the largest Latin American  markets,  and has a deep understanding of global customer demands, international best practices in design specifications and construction practices along with local expertise in market dynamics, site selection and regulatory approvals.


LLP’s Vision is to reach leadership and recognition in efficiency, integrity, diligence, innovation, and customer orientation in a constant and enduring manner within our industry in the markets we operate in. Likewise, to consolidate the best real estate platform in the logistics sector, by being attractive and sustainable for all those who work with us, from our investors to our teammates.

Our properties are located in the primary population centers in Colombia, Peru and Costa Rica, and we serve companies whose business models depend on speed, operational efficiency and flexibility to accommodate future growth. These markets all share attractive attributes:
  • GDP growth outpaces more mature markets
  • Increasing retail spending and domestic consumption
  • Inventory expansion to meet demand
  • An evolving logistics industry
  • Ongoing replacement of obsolete buildings
  • A young population driving household formation, along with government programs to build middle class housing
Costa Rica accounts for the strongest middle-class population in Central America and one of the most stable economies in Latin America. This has generated strong local consumption demand, thus creating the need for consumer goods companies, retailers and third party logistics providers (3PL’s) to upgrade into modern distribution facilities.
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Colombia’s expanding middle class, young population, vast natural resources and growing trade levels are contributing to economic growth. Colombia is investing in its transportation infrastructure that will drive efficiencies in the supply chain and create opportunities for logistics real estate development.
Companies continue to shift towards leasing, rather that owning, their warehouses. Current stock of existing warehouses for lease is insufficient creating a pent up demand for sophisticated multinational and regional companies seeking modern distribution facilities designed and built to international standards.
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In Peru, domestic demand has been the main driver of growth while favorable demographics, a growing middle income segment, and a large opportunity in consumer credit penetration set the stage for future growth. Peru’s expanding middle class is driving household formation and retail chain store sales. Modernizing an outdated stock of existing warehouses is the opportunity in Lima.
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LLP’s mission is to develop, build, and operate modern, efficient and sustainable logistic real estate projects, that uphold the highest standards in the industry, in order to provide a unique service experience, oriented towards our customers’ needs. We aim to serve as a regional partners to enable the growth of our clients and employees.


Class A:
Premium real estate designed for the future of commerce
Enhancing the value chain between customers and providers
Customer Orientation:
A deep investment in our relationship with clients.
Sustainable designs built for maximum efficiency.
Institutional Support:
Backed by leaders in emerging market private equity investment.
Our warehouses comply with the highest standards of efficiency and environmental sustainability by means of EDGE certification, which promotes the development of sustainable buildings with savings of at least 20% of potable water, electricity consumption and carbon footprint levels compared with conventional buildings. EDGE program is sponsored by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) a division of the World Bank.


LATAM Logistics clients include major global as well as leading local retailers and 3PLs.


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